Manesh Nagar is an entrepreneur, success and relationship coach, technology specialist and education technologist. 

Having spent a number of years in IT understanding and simplifying business processes, for large corporations he has developed a passion for making technology look simple. 

As a Heal Your Life coach, Manesh loves working with people, and helping other change the way they see the world around them and the possibilities that lie within them. He strongly believes that with the right focus, attitude and reason, you can overcome the toughest challenges, grow beyond your limiting beliefs and develop inner strength to accomplish your own dreams and vision. 

Having successfully grown  his own videography business, capturing the precious moments in peoples lives, he now uses his skills to bring education into the homes of South Africans. 

He has now joined forces with The Stroke Survivors Foundation, to help improve the lives of Stroke Survivors in South Africa, and help create awareness around stroke, its effects and how to reduce your chances of getting a stroke. 

He prefers thinking outside the box, and focusing on solutions that create win-win situations whenever possible. Having successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Course, twice, he understand the importance of developing successful relationships and treating people with respect.