Why you need a life coach

We live in a time where change is the only constant. We are constantly being bombarded with information through the internet, social media, television and media publications and broadcasts. 

Technology is evolving much faster than any other period in history, where Artificial Intelligence seems to be the “in” thing, and devices such as televisions, cars and even fridges are being referred to as “smart”. 

In this rapidly changing world, we are left wondering what the future holds, and many of us are still trying to cope with daily challenges as maintaining relationships, caring for our children, planning a holiday, planning a new career and dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. 

How do we comprehend all of the changes around us, and maintain sanity with everything that is happening in our daily lives? 


Many are living stressful lives, and are moving through life with the aide of anti-depressants, frequent doctor visits, and drugs and alcohol. 

A fortunate few have built good relationships and maintained good friends to whom they can turn too for guidance and advice, while many are just feeling frustrated. 

Coaching - and why it may be the solution you are looking for: 

To help cope with everyday challenges, and manage your life, the faster way is to engage with a life coach.

Many people resist the urge to engage with a life coach, thinking that they can manage their challenges on their own. Many consider life coaching as an additional expense that adds to their already growing financial challenges. Yet what many fail to realise, is that they need to pause, shorten the saw. 

It is much easier to invest a little time and effort into self development and coaching, to help you focus your energies and time towards your life goals and aspirations, than to manage life through stress and anxiety. 

At one point in time, life seemed so much more enjoyable and manageable, but today life has a challenge around every bend, and we often get sidetracked into focusing on the wrong things, rather than devoting time towards our original visions and goals. We don’t ignore the challenges, but we re-imagine them as growth points, where we strengthen our ability to cope with obstacles, yet maintain our focus on our destiny. 

Having a life coach, allows you to: 

  1. Save time and effort and money
  2. Build on the experience and lessons of other people 
  3. Save you from unnecessary stress and anxiety 
  4. Opens you up to new ideas and opportunities 
  5. Helps you gain more self confidence and self-esteem 

Every successful sports team, every successful sports professional engages with a coach, why don’t you? 

A coach helps you to stay focused, become accountable and gives you access to tools and ideas that contribute to your goals and visions and helps in self development. 

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