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“From Hamster Wheel to High Productivity” , is powerful transformational soft skills program that creates inner and outer congruency in every person in your organization.
The most overlooked reason that contributes to poor productivity is the lack of inner and outer congruency. People pretend to be who they are not. They conform to minimum standards or enforced standards simply for job security.

This program is the most successful and unique program to rewire negative thinking patterns and create a behavioral change in people, “from their hamster wheel zone to their high productivity zone.”

The target audience for this program is anybody from Blue Collar Staff to the Blue-Chip C-Suite. Every person’s productivity is guaranteed to improve irrespective of their job function or business unit.

This program dives into “below the iceberg” truths, to reveal a magnificent human being.

Every participant will be equipped with innovative tools to master their emotions, their challenges, and their inner battles. They will be able to neutralize their destructive emotions and behaviors that constrain their performance.

They will leave feeling purposeful and equipped with tools to achieve congruency between lifestyle and workstyle.

Productivity will literally grow to almost double because they will approach and respond to situations with a completely different perspective and without any negative filters.

Contact us today to find out more so that we may meet with you discuss your needs and challenges to develop a program suited to your environment. 



  1. The 7 Most important Value Systems that govern us and our inner traits.

  2. How to align personal values with company values.

  3. Attitude change driven by values and motives.

  4. Mindset Change to a better version of you.

  5. The impact of energy and aura towards a positive lifestyle and high performance.

  6. The Pain/Pleasure Factor for productivity.

  7. The 10 most destructive negative filters.

  8. Instant Stress Busters

  9. Purpose, Belief & Convictions.

  10. Self-Appreciation and Personal Value Worth

  11. Self Confidence - “STOP” Tool

  12. Out of the box thinking tool.

  13. Doors opening exercise.

  14. Forgiveness and Letting Go of baggage.

  15. Mind Relaxation Techniques

  16. Gratitude Exercise

  17. Re-write your Life Story.

  18. Meet your Future - Self

We all need coaches in life. From the best sports team to the president of a country, every successful person or team, has a coach. 


The coaches role is to help remove personal limiting beliefs that you may hold, that currently prevent you from making headway towards your goals and aspirations. Most of the time, many of us are unaware of the "blockages" and turn our attention to "who or what could we blame" for not succeeding. 


The coach, helps inspire, motivate and build on your previous successes, personal strengths and enables personal growth, so that you are able to achieve more that your thought possible. 


For a consultation, and to find out your potential, contact us today and let us help you to discover your true self. 


You do not need missiles, atomic bombs and weapons to destroy a nation. Reduce their education standards, allows them to cheat, and give them a false sense of accomplishment, and they will inevitably destroy themselves. 

It is no good blaming the Government and the education system for lack of resources to achieve and accomplish. The need and want to should develop from within yourself, to achieve and to learn. We have more resources available to us today than any other time in history, and yet we have more failures and drop outs than any other time in history. 


Math for Success is a program currently under development and will soon become available to help better understand the fundamentals of math, and calculations, so that we can bot better our grades at school, but more importantly grasp concepts and ideas that could help us grow into future leaders, innovators and achievers. 


Math programs for Grade 8 through to University, will soon be made available to those with a desire to do more, become more and achieve more. 


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