Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

Success begins with having the right mindset. With the right questions we can change the way we think and grow.


What I do

Help other realise their own potential, and personal power. When we are able to tap into that potential, we increase our success rate. 

I Coach.

Developing personalised coaching programs to help you achieve your best. Personal and business development begins with the right questions. 

I Digitize

  • Website Development
  • Online Courses 
  • Commerce Solutions
  • Communication Solutions

I Network

Connecting the dots. How do we use inter-dependence to gain independence? Become masters of your own destiny through the sharing of knowledge.

Need advice?

Have a challenge you’re like to discuss, lets meetup- and see how to best approach and overcome those challenges. 


From helping start your own business to revolutionising the way we educate and teach young minds. Life is not a SILO, but a network of people, waiting to grow and share. 


As a coach, Manesh has helped me discover my true potential. On my journey into my own business and practice, he has helped me develop a positive mindset, to keep going, and focus on success.

Fatima Seedat

My story

I began my journey into personal and business coaching in 2014, when I was given the choice of staying in the corporate jungle as an employee, or taking charge of my own destiny.  The journey to master your own destiny was not an easy one. Much more challenging than I had anticipated. 

I soon discovered that I was not alone. Many people were either forced to become masters of their own lives, either through retrenchment, health issues or personal challenges. 

As an IT professional, I looked at the way technology was changing our world. How some businesses were taking advantage of technology to grow, while other were staying behind. 

I researched what makes some people succeed faster than others. What do we need to change and master within ourselves, in order to make change positive. 

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.