Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI, is the use of technology to simulate intelligence in machines. Enabling machines to perform tasks that would ordinarily have been done by humans, or may not even have been possible before.

Take for example the new technology assistant available in mobile phones and even computers, giving one the ability to “talk” to your device, and have it comprehend and respond to your commands or requests. This is known as AI.

We have encountered “vacuum machine” robots that are able to clean up after you, without any intervention from you. This is AI.

Artificial intelligence is amazing, and is designed to help make life easier, enable us to accomplish more, and remove redundant and boring tasks from our lives, so that we can live a more fruitful and heartfelt life.

AI, also has a negative impact that is not clearly identified and recognised by many. With AI growing in various fields from house cleaning to being an electronic PA for us, reminding us to attend meetings and when to take our medication. Driverless cars, that are improving with every passing day.

What about the “JOBS” that will be lost? The need for human intervention in daily lives are slowly being taken over by machines with AI, and this means that we need to change the way we think and teach, to ensure that we as humans are also able to adapt to the change.

Should we shun technology because of the challenges it is busy creating, or should we look at new opportunities and different thinking to help us overcome this challenge?

While AI is exciting and amazing, at the same time it is scary, if we are not changing at the same time. How much has our education system changed in the last couple of decades ? Even though we have access to the world wide web, and social media, and fast internet, we still follow the same teachings that were prescribed by our forefathers. The tools used to deliver the education may have changed, but the thinking and the direction of that education is changing very slowly.

The still widely believed and followed tradition is “get a good education and a safe secure job”. Majority of the population still believes this, and those who are fortunate enough, take over the family business. A very small percentage of the population believes and encourages innovation, and entrepreneurship. Could this be a contribution to why the world is experiencing a recession, and more people are looking at crypto currency and playing the lotto? Why more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet, as more people are looking for jobs?

If you are a parent, what are you doing for your child’s future aside from providing a good education and praying for your child to land a good safe secure job, or become a graduate in a specific profession? Think about technology, AI, and what the future will be like in a few years time? Are you guiding your child in the right direction or are you following the “Norm”?

The choices we make today, may determine the future our children have tomorrow, despite the education and upbringing we provide. We need to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and a new way of thinking. We can also help our children by making better decisions today that will help reduce the burden our children face in the future.

In the age of our grandparents, a single income was sufficient to grow a family. Today most families are struggling with dual incomes. The intelligent few, have made wise decisions by creating and developing an investment portfolio that would provide for them in the future. Some have alternative sources of income. The average household now needs at least 4 to 5 stream of income to survive. Does your household have more than 3 streams of income?

There are options and opportunities, if we are willing to think outside the box.

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