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Having been in the IT space for more than a decade I am constantly looking at ways in which technology can play together. Having experienced the corporate environment where organisations used to invest time and money into housing their now server infrastructure to the evolution and embracement of cloud based solutions.

We have been supporting individuals and businesses who have chosen to adopt cloud solutions and traversed to apple technologies and mobile solutions. We have developed relationships and skills in deploying cloud based applications, and helping small businesses implement online productivity tools and embrace open source and cost effective solutions to make business work.

Having successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success program and becoming a certified life coach through the Louise Hay House – Live the Love Academy in SA, we have been helping individuals overcome personal and professional challenges. Success begins when we take on the responsibility for our life and our outcomes.

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We engage with businesses and individuals to help better understand their needs in terms of technology requirements and soft skills development. Through careful selection, we identify the best possible solution for the business to accomplish their goals while keeping technology in the background, working for the business.

Through our partnerships and in-house development programs we help people overcome personal limitations to be able to perform at the best.