When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change.

Grade 8

Math Coaching


CAPS – Curriculum and Assessments Policy statement, is an amendment to the National Curriculum Statement. It is a change to the curriculum and not a change to the method in which the subject matter is taught. This is the curriculum adopted by the Department of Basic Education in South Africa. 


Grade 8 Curriculum (CAPS)

The following curriculum is taken from the CAPS policy from the Department of Basic Education. 

  • Whole Numbers
    • Mental calculations (revision)
    • Ordering and comparing whole numbers (revision) 
    • Properties of whole numbers 
    • Calculations using whole numbers 
    • Calculation Techniques 
    • Multiples and factors 
    • Solving problems 
  • Exponents
    • Mental calculations (revision)
    • Comparing and representing numbers in exponential form 
    • Calculation using numbers in exponential form
    • Solving problems 
  • Integers
    • Counting, ordering and comparing integers (revision)
    • Calculation with integers (revision)
    • Properties of integers 
    • Solving problems 
  • Common fractions
    • Calculation with fractions (revision)
    • Calculation techniques 
    • Solving problems 
    • Percentages 
    • Equivalent forms
  • Decimal fractions
    • Ordering and comparing decimal fractions 
    • Calculations with decimal fractions 
    • Calculation techniques 
    • Solving problems 
    • Equivalent forms
  • Numeric and geometric patterns
    • Investigate and extend patterns 
  • Functions and relationships
    • Input and output values 
    • Equivalent forms
  • Algebraic expressions
    • Algebraic language
    • Expand and simplify algebraic expressions 
  • Algebraic equations
    • Equations 
  • Graphs
    • Interpreting graphs 
    • Drawing graphs
  • Geometry of 2D shapes
    • Similar and congruent 2D shapes 
    • Solving problems 
  • Geometry of 3D objects
    • Classifying 3D objects
    • Building 3D models
  • Geometry of straight lines
    • Angle relationships
    • Solving problems 
  • Transformation geometry
    • Transformations
    • Enlargements and reductions 
  • Construction of geometric figures
    • Constructions
    • Investigating properties of geometric figures 
  • Area and perimeter of 2D shapes
    • Area and perimeter 
    • Calculations and solving problems 
  • Surface area and volume of 3D objects
    • Surface area and volume 
    • Calculations and solving problems 
  • The Theorem of Pythagoras
    • Develop and use the Theorem of Pythagoras
  • Collect, organize and summarize data
    • Collect data
    • Organize and summarize data
  • Represent data
  • Interpret, analyze and report data
    • Interpret data
    • Analyze data
    • Report data
  • Probability

How coaching will help your child understand and improve.

Our coaching sessions are designed to help your child understand the topics being discussed, and supplement what he/she is currently learning in the school. Each person has a different way of understanding and comprehending what is being taught. Through coaching we help simplify the difficult topics, and encourage the learner to see things differently. 

By changing the way we teach, and the way in which we encourage our learners to see the problem, they are able to solve problems by themselves. Learning is not an end, but a journey in which we are always tapping into our inner resources to find relationships from previous experiences, and implement ideas and solutions to address todays problems. 

Coaching is about performing at your best in a challenging situation. For many learners, math is a challenge they can easily overcome if guided correctly.