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Mathematics Coaching

Mathematics is fun and easy - lets begin

Mathematics is a subject to be enjoyed. The fundamental secret to making mathematics easy, is the get a better understanding of the concepts and practices. 

Group and Individual coaching

Major sport teams have a coach to help improve performance on the field. With the right coaching your child can perform at their best.

Learning in a group has many advantages in that learners are encouraged to participate in group activities as well as learn from each other. Where one learner may ask a question that other haven’t yet thought about. 

Group coaching, also encourages the development of leadership traits and teamwork. Sessions are conducted for approximately 90 min at a time, and are scheduled for once a week. 

As we progress through the year, and it is found that learners would benefit from more sessions in a week, you will be notified in advance, and arrangements can be made to have more sessions in a week. 

A schedule will be posted online in the coming weeks. 

Individual coaching is best suited for those learners who prefer to have one-on-one coaching. This enables the learner to be more open about their challenges in math. These sessions will be scheduled with each learners on an individual basis depending on availability and convenience. 

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