When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change.

Mathematics Coaching

Lets make mathematics fun and easy...

Mathematics is a subject to be enjoyed. The fundamental secret to making mathematics easy, is the get a better understanding of the concepts and practices. 

Online Mathematics Coaching

There has been an ongoing debate on what the difference is between coaching and teaching. As you may be familiar with the term coaching, when it comes to sports. Each sports team has a coach, not to teach the players how to play, but on helping the players tap into their best performance during training and on the sports field. 

So too, do our kids need to be coached into a mindset that helps tap into their best potential in order to achieve better results. The purpose behind math coaching is to encourage learners to perform at their peak, while learning new content. 

We encourage our learners to change the way they see mathematics, so that it becomes easier to understand and learn.


What is online coaching?

With more and more people embracing technology through lap tops, tablets and mobile devices, it only makes sense to utilize the technologies that are most familiar to the new generation. 

Doing so, has a number of advantages: 

  • Learners do not have to travel a distance to attend a class
  • Parents are able to watch over their child as they attend online classes from home
  • Safety is not an issue, as they learn from their own homes
  • Online classes allow learners access to the best trainers and coaches
There are a number of other advantages which are not listed here. 

How does it all work?

On registration, your child will receive a link via email to access the online session about an hour before the session starts. 

Your computer / tablet should have a stable and reliable internet connection. They will click on the received link, and install a small web application that will allow them to access the online platform. The platform is secure and only registered users will be allowed access to the session. 

The learner is required to have a stable audio connection – using a headset or the computers built in audio hardware, to enable the learner to listen as well as ask questions / respond to questions. 

Each session will received its own unique code, which is only valid for the active session.